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Interview with Mia and Liesel after USWYNT experience

After attending the U-15 WYNT camp, Mia Wiele and Liesel Tetmeyer both Sting Austin 08 ECNL players share their experience with us:

What was your experience like at the training camp?

My experience was awesome!  I got to train at the highest level with some of the best players in the US and work with top coaches.(Liesel)    

 It was very positive and amazing experience. I thought it was really cool to become friends with and play with some of the best players in the country in my age group. (Mia) 

What was your favorite part of the camp and why?

My favorite part of the camp was meeting people and making new friends from around the country.(Liesel)    

 The training sessions and gaining more confidence each day. (Mia) 

What was the most challenging aspect of the camp for you?

The most challenging aspect of the camp was playing against great players while proving to myself that I can play at that level.  (Liesel)    

 Getting over my nerves in the first few days and getting comfortable in a new environment. (Mia) 

Did you feel that the training camp helped you improve your skills?

Yes, I feel the training camp helped me improve my skills.  I learned some new ways to read the game.  (Liesel)    

 Yes, it helped me learn new skills in my position and as playing as a team. (Mia) 

How did it feel to be selected to attend the national training camp?

It felt great to be selected; it has always been my goal to be a part of this team.    (Liesel)

 I was so happy and honored to be included in such an exclusive group of girls and to have the opportunity to train with USWNT coaches. (Mia) 

   Were there any coaches or players who particularly inspired or motivated you during the camp?

Evan, the other goalkeeper at camp, inspired me.  She is a great keeper and pushed me during training.  (Liesel)    

 To be honest, everyone was super supportive and motivating at the camp. Both players and all the coaches. (Mia) 

How do you think this experience will help you with your soccer career moving forward?

I was able to learn and see things that I can improve on, and then put back in my home environment.(Liesel)  

 It will help me be more confident in the future and help me improve my game. (Mia) 

 What advice would you give to other youth player hoping to attend a national training camp?

The advice I would give is: Don’t give up.  Even when you are struggling, keep pushing to be the best player you can be.(Liesel)    

 Keep working hard and be confident in yourself and keep training on your own every day to be the best you can be. (Mia) 

Did you take away any valuable lessons or strategies from the camp that you can apply to your own game?

Yes, I learned what it is like to train at the highest level, but also how to take care of my body with preparation, nutrition, rest, and recovery.(Liesel)    

 Yes, I learned how to take more chances and be more confident in being more offensive and taking the ball forward from the back line. (Mia) 

How do you plan to continue improving your skills and technique after attending the national training camp?

 I can take what I learned and apply it to training and games with my club team and keeper coaches.  I have set new development goals that I am now working on. (Liesel)    

 Keep working and training hard every day and try to give my all in every training session and game. (Mia)